Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Pedicure.

Pedicures – more than just a luxury: A common misconception is that pedicures are a luxury as opposed to a necessary component in a healthy regime for your feet. They feel so great, it’s easy to see how some people may think that; however, those people could not be more wrong. Elaine Linker, a dermatologist and one of the co-founders of DDF, says that getting regular pedicures can act as a preventative measure for future foot problems. “It treats the foot from heel to toe,” Linker says. “Podiatrists treat common aliments such as corns, calluses and ingrown toenails all of which can be avoided or prevented with regular salon visits.” And Tara J. Oolie, co-founder of New York’s Just Calm Down salon, agrees. She says that getting regular pedicures is very important and that “it’s like a facial for your feet.” Furthermore, if you’re feet are healthy, the rest of you tends to feel pretty good–and that’s always a good reason to take care of you feet. How often should you treat your feet? Tara says that people should get pedicures every two weeks, but since that is sometimes hard to do, once a month is probably the longest a person should go without one. However, it is important to adopt some techniques for maintaining your pedicure and the health of your feet in between pedicures. BOOK YOUR NEXT PEDICURE APPOINTMENT WITH DORIS NAILS AND WE PROMISE YOU AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.